America’s Boating Club 2023 Class   Recently updated !

“Boat Driver’s License” Certificate – classes start March 28

Required by State of NH to operate a boat having 25 horsepower or more.  Recognized by the US Coast Guard, plus 50 US States.

This six-week course emphasizes handling the winds, currents and tides of New England’s coastal salt waters. Topics include:

Getting Started in Boating, Required Equipment, Navigation Rules, Navigation Aids, Light and Sound Signals, US and NH Regulations, Anchoring, Finding Your Way,, Adverse Weather and Emergencies, Radio Communications, Water Sport Safety, Trailering, PWC Operation, Knot Tying, Intro to Navigation, Paper Charts and Digital Charts

The Course will be held Mar 28 through May 2, starting at 7 PM in Room 242 in Portsmouth High School.  The cost for anyone, age 15 and older is $55.  For more information, or to register, visit