Weekend Races

We have several variations of weekend races: The Commodore’s Cup,  the John Paul Jones Regatta, the Gosport Regatta and winter Frosty’s.

Many of these weekend races are run by Kittery Point Yacht Club with assistance by PSA. The last race of the Commodore’s Cup is run by Portsmouth Yacht Club and PSA.

Any PHRF  boat can join and you will need a current handicap certificate from PHRFNE.org. The fee for non-PSA members is $25 to cover the costs of what PHRFNE charges PSA. Once PSA receives your check or cash, we will send in the application for handicapping. Contact handicapper@sailpsa.org for the address to send the check to.

Commodore’s Cup: Is a 5 race series with 2 throw outs. One very low fee of $125.00 enters a boat for the 5 race series or $75.00 for two race series or $50 for one race. These races use an ocean course are 10-15 miles long. More information

John Paul Jones Regatta: June 17, 2023 Beginning in 2023 this Regatta will be a Pursuit Race starting in the vicinity of 2KR with an ocean course of 10-15 miles in length.  More information

Gosport Regatta: Sept 17, 2023 This pursuit race starts from outside buoy 2KR goes to Gosport Harbor and also includes some windward/leeward legs. This race has been a fund raiser for both PSA and Star Island Corp and is a resurrection of races held back in 1873 in which the famous yacht, America, raced in. More information

Winter Cape Cod Frosty’s: We have the Cape Cod Frosty’s and J24. Both fleets have a 20/20 rule. Winds under 20 knots and temperature over 20 degrees. More information Cape Cod Frosty. What is a Cape Cod a Frosty video and Frosty wipeout