Past Officers

PSA would like to thank the teams of the past


Treasurer – Mike Kasztejna


Vice Commodore: Chris Loader


Commodore:  Rick Bombard

Race Chair: Bud Myles


Commodore: Kevin McCoole

Vice Commodore: Tom Schladenhauffen


Commodore: Pat Daly
Vice Commodore: Tom Schladenhauffen (2015)
Rear Commodore: Vince Todd
Treasurer: Jim Homet
Secretary: Tim Kelley
Race Chair: Kevin McCoole
Handicapper: Roy Briscoe
Webmaster: Roy Briscoe

Commodore: Jim McCarthy
Vice Commodore: Ric Shultz
Rear Commodore: Tom King
Treasurer: Mike Kasztejna
Secretary: Pat Daly
Race Chair: Bud Myles
Handicapper: John Parsons
Webmaster: Roy Briscoe

Commodore: Kevin McCoole
Vice Commodore: Paul McAskill
Treasurer: Paul McAskill (2004) and Roy Briscoe
Handicapper: John Parsons
Webmaster: Shawna (2004-2005) and Roy Briscoe

The early 1980’s:
Commodore: Frank Gage
Commodore: Whit Saidla

PSA Handicapper for 25 years until 2012: John Parsons

If you were a PSA officer at some point in the past, please send an email to the and we will get you on this list.